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Pay per project size - Save with great ROI

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Our fee model aims to offer our clients with a profitable "return on investment" policy.

We charge 2USD per square meter of floor plan above grade.


Our clients have reported so far an ROI of between 3 to 12 USD return on every dollar they spent with us, above the incredible reduction in emissions and design schedule.

Most of our savings come from:

  1. Reducing the amount of structural elements and their dimensions.

  2. Reducing slabs and transfer slabs thickness. 

  3. Using less rebar and expensive concrete mixtures. 

Single Project

Pay 2USD per square meter above ground.

Pay upon project completion*

Residential  Developer

Purchase 100,000 square meters for future projects

Pay 190,000 USD

(5% discount)

Top-tier Residential Developer

Purchase 200,000 square meters for future projects

Pay 370,000 USD

(7.5% discount)



Purchase 500,000 square meters for future projects

Pay 900,000 USD

(10% discount)

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