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Ionathan Lazovski 
B.Des M.Sc


Founder of ParaGroup a successful company in the field of building design optimization. Senior faculty lecturer at the Technion – Israel institute of technology.

12+ years of experience in the construction-tech industry.

Nir Polak

B.Sc B.Arch

Head of R&D

Senior civil engineer with vast experience in generative solution development for the AEC industry. Nir is a master in visual scripting and algorithms, his background makes him the ultimate head of R&D when it comes to design optimization.

Yoav Hakimi

B.Sc  B.A


Seasoned structural engineer with vast experience in technological solution development for the AEC industry. Former Chief Engineer at ParaGroup. Yoav's background in economics, structure design, environmental design and software dev makes him the ultimate COO. 

Idit Tsairi

B.Sc  M.Sc

Data Scientist


Seasoned structural engineer with vast experience in data science and environmental design. Idit has the ability to dance on both parties: Data and Structure engineering, making her a unique talent in the world of Con-Tech.

Ira (Eli) Garshowitz

B.A.  B.Comm

Head of BizDev

Worked for three decades in the International media, Ira served as the Israel Correspondent for Nikkei Shimbun, (The Economic Journal of Japan).

Ira is a real door-kicker who always knows how to get to the right people, no matter what. 


Vitaly Skvirski


Head of computational design

Vitaly is a rare combination of an architect, maker, software developer and parametric designer. Bridging all the possible knowledge gaps in design and construction. 


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