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Automate and optimize your structural design by characterizing the design challenge rather than solving it by repetitive drafting.

Get to the optimal design and fast using PrePlan.


Define geometry

PrePlan works directly on the architectural BIM model, no need to draw even a single line, just choose the walls where columns can be located and PrePlan will take it from there, saving hours of modeling for both FEM model and BIM models.

Project information and properties

PrePlan flexibility allows the user full control over the properties for each project according to the client needs and the user’s design methods, defining the concrete and steel type that will be used in the project, mesh size and more.

Topology optimization

PrePlan’s new AI-driven topology optimization algorithm will place the least amount of columns as possible while maintaining the minimum slab thickness the user has entered converging to the most cost-efficient design.

In each iteration a full analysis is being performed on the model using the user’s FEM software, taking into consideration the local code requirements, transformation slabs, continuous columns and more.

Cross section optimization

Using the price list of concrete elements and steel defined by the user, PrePlan’s unique cross section optimization will optimize each columns and slab in the model for the most cost-efficient cross section including material and rebars.
Once the optimization is over the user can choose which and how many unique cross sections will be used in the project.


PrePlan outputs three files:

  • Fully detailed BIM structural model ready to link to the architectural model.

  • Fully defined FEM model with detailed elements and assigned loads ready to run an analysis.

  • Full report with floor plans, deflection and slabs reinforcement maps, column tables and full quantity and cost tables.

With that accumulated information and 3D models, the user can easily examine the design and communicate with the client for review and changes. From that point the user can perform more analysis and continue to detailed design.

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