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One product to solve the problem for the engineer, project manager and for the real estate developer

​Product functionality

  1. The product connects to existing design and analysis software suites used by Engineers world-wide.

  2. The Engineer sets the parameters in a simple menu and provides the selected area of the project for intervention.

  3. “Calculate” button is pressed by the Engineer, the optimization procedure occurs using a reinforcement learning mechanism (AI).

  4. A few minutes later a message appears “calculation done” – the Engineer receives an optimized design 3D model within his software.

  5. On average 50% of the overall design time was reduced.

  6. The engineer continues detailing the design.


Our value

  1. Providing the Structure engineer with a technological edge that puts him in front of the competition and reduces up to 50% of his workload. 

  2. Project owners will prefer working with structure engineers who can reduce their construction cost and can deliver faster.

  3. Reducing buildings structure execution cost up to 15%.

  4. Cutting down up to 1,200,000,000 cubic meters per year of concrete world-wide.

  5. Dealing with shortage and dropping out of professionals from the field of civil engineering.

Technicians at Work
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