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Enabling concrete reduction in construction with AI
We enable automation and optimization for concrete structure design

Design time reduction | Concrete volume reduction | Concrete cost reduction | Emitted Co2 reduction

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Why should you optimize and automate the structural design of a building? 

For the moment, the concrete industry constitutes 8% of overall CO2 emissions world-wide. Concrete is the most common material for building structure and there is an overall consensus in the construction industry that concrete structures tend to be over-designed, from various reasons such as lack of optimization tools, tight design time schedules, lack of engineers or financial motivation to create a lean structure. 

All of the above leads to loss of funds for the client, high levels of CO2 emissions and friction between all stake holders that take part in designing our buildings.

What can we do about it?


Our solution

PrePlan provides the structural engineers with AI-based tools that enable them to reduce the needed concrete in their design, without changing their workflow and without any learning curve.

The results in numbers:

1. Up to 15% concrete volume reduction.

2. Up to 15% reduction in concrete related execution costs.

3. Up to 50% design time reduction.

4. Reducing construction emitted Co2 emission - up to 30%

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Who can benefit from our solution?

Who can benefit from our solution and why

Civil engineering firms

Construction PM

Project owner

Because we reduce their design time by 50%

Because we optimize the structural design, saving on material, labor and execution time.

Because we cut down their concrete and structure execution cost by up to 15%

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Partners, friends, investors and clients

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