"Minimizing an 8,000,000,000 mᶾ reinforced concrete industry by providing an AI-based tool for structural engineers that automates and optimizes their structure design process"


In Short: 

Structure Pal provides an A.I-based tool for structural engineers that automates and optimizes their concrete structure design process. 

The result: Less concrete, Less construction time on site, Less design time, more profit for the developer, more profit for the engineer.

Technology: Creating an reinforcement learning algorithm that performs as a structural engineer.

Numbers: Up to 50% design time reduction, up to 15% cost reduction of the buildings structure, overall cost reduction of 5% for the project developer.

“8,000,000,000 cubic meters of concrete are being poured yearly around the globe”

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Present design process:

1) No optimization in terms of an automated algorithm-based process, only an exhausting iterative process, where the engineer drafts the model over an over.

2) Lack of automation, although the use of BIM based tools has shown to cut an average of 1.3% of execution costs, presently it is not the main tool for most engineers.

3) Long design periods with limited design iterations.


All the above results in a structural design that costs greatly in time and execution expenditure for the project owner/developer.


Proposed process under a single product using an algorithm-based approach:

1) Fully optimized design solution – less concrete volume.

2) Automated solution, a drafted 3D model within the Engineer’s preferred design software.

3) “one click away” process after setting all parameters by the engineer.


Delivering a process that provides the Engineer with an automated and optimized structural design scheme. Cutting design time by 50% and providing the developer with a reduction of up to 15% of the concrete structure cost.

By the year 2030 the construction industry will grow to 17.5$ trillion in spending.

*Statista website.


Product description

1) The product is a plug-in software connected to existing design software used by Engineers world-wide.

2) The Engineer sets the parameters in a simple menu and provides the selected area of the project for intervention.

3) “Calculate” button is pressed by the Engineer, sending the data onto a  server, where the optimization procedure occurs using a reinforcement learning mechanism (AI).

4) A few minutes later a message appears “calculation done” – the Engineer receives an optimized design scheme 3D model within his software.

5) On average 50% of the overall design time was reduced.

6) The engineer continues detailing the design.

Concrete structure constitutes on average 35% of the overall cost for the project owner/developer.

Our Vision

Bring optimization to the  common people!


We truly believe that it is time to bring optimization and automation to common residential projects.

reducing costs of residential concrete based buildings world-wide.

The size of the opportunity ahead is the third of the overall construction projects world-wide! a third of $11.4 trillion (in 2019)*.


*Statista website.


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